Features For Borkers

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Real-Time Load Tracking for Brokers

Stay ahead of the game with our cutting-edge Real-Time Load Tracking feature. As a broker, you can now monitor shipments in real-time, providing you with invaluable insights into the status and location of your cargo. This enhanced visibility enables you to optimize routes, ensure timely deliveries, and keep your clients informed every step of the way. With TruckMind's Real-Time Load Tracking, you're not just managing loads; you're orchestrating seamless logistics.

Load Auction for Brokers

Revolutionize your brokerage operations with Load Auction on TruckMind. Our feature empowers brokers to efficiently manage and optimize load assignments. Create competitive bidding environments, engage carriers, and secure the best rates for your clients. The Load Auction feature ensures transparency, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency in your load management process. Take control of your freight logistics with TruckMind's Load Auction.

Bid Management

Efficiently manage bids and optimize load assignments with our Bid Management feature. Streamline the bidding process, engage carriers, and secure competitive rates for your clients. Bid Management on TruckMind simplifies your workflow, saving time and enhancing your brokerage operations.

Automated Load & Rate Confirmation

Simplify load and rate confirmation processes with our Automated Load & Rate Confirmation feature. Say goodbye to manual confirmation hassles. TruckMind automates the confirmation, ensuring accuracy, reducing errors, and saving you valuable time in your brokerage operations.

Digital Rate Acceptance

Streamline your rate acceptance process digitally with our Digital Rate Acceptance feature. Say farewell to paperwork and embrace a more efficient, environmentally friendly way of confirming rates for your shipments. Enhance your workflow and reduce administrative overhead with TruckMind.

Email Sync Load Creation

Effortlessly create loads from email notifications with our Email Sync Load Creation feature. TruckMind synchronizes with your emails to automatically generate load entries, saving you time and ensuring accuracy in your load management process.

Seamless Integration with FourKites and MacroPoint

Integrate seamlessly with industry-leading tracking solutions. Our platform offers easy integration with FourKites and MacroPoint, providing you with enhanced visibility and control over your shipments. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with TruckMind.

Free Load Tracking

Access our Free Load Tracking feature to keep tabs on your shipments without any additional cost. TruckMind offers this valuable service to help you stay informed about the status and location of your cargo, ensuring timely deliveries.

Document Handling

Simplify document management with our Document Handling feature. Easily store, organize, and access essential documents related to your loads. Streamline your workflow, reduce paperwork, and enhance your efficiency with TruckMind.