Features For Carriers

Free Real-Time Tracking

Access our Free Real-Time Tracking feature to monitor your cargo's status and location without any additional cost. TruckMind ensures you stay informed and can make real-time decisions to optimize your deliveries.

Access to Load Auction

Gain access to Load Auction on TruckMind and take advantage of competitive bidding environments. Bid on loads that match your routes and secure profitable assignments easily.

Unlimited Daily Bidding

Bid on unlimited loads every day to maximize your revenue potential. With TruckMind, there's no limit to the number of bids you can place, helping you secure more assignments.

Automated Invoicing upon Load Delivery

Simplify your invoicing process with automated invoicing upon load delivery. TruckMind generates invoices automatically, saving you time and ensuring accurate billing for your services.

Management of Truck and Trailer Documents

Easily manage your truck and trailer documents with TruckMind. Store, organize, and access essential documents related to your equipment conveniently within the platform.

Permit Expiry Alerts

Stay compliant with permit requirements using TruckMind's Permit Expiry Alerts feature. Receive timely notifications to renew permits, ensuring smooth operations without interruptions.

Smartphone App for Driver Activity and Freight Tracking

Empower your drivers with our Smartphone App for tracking their activities and freight. Keep tabs on shipments, streamline communication, and enhance driver efficiency.

Driver Payroll Services

Manage driver payroll effortlessly with TruckMind's Driver Payroll Services. Ensure accurate compensation and streamline your payroll processes.

Automatic IFTA Calculation

Automate your IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) calculations with TruckMind. Save time and ensure accurate tax reporting with our integrated feature.

Fuel Record Management

Efficiently manage your fuel records and expenses with our Fuel Record Management feature. Stay organized and make data-driven decisions to optimize fuel costs.

Expense Management

Simplify expense management with TruckMind's Expense Management feature. Track and manage expenses efficiently to improve cost control and profitability.