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Real-Time Load Tracking

Stay in control with Real-Time Load Tracking. Monitor your shipments as they move, ensuring timely deliveries and improved logistics.

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Automatic Rate Confirmation

Streamline operations with Automatic Rate Confirmation. Instantly confirm rates, reducing manual work and ensuring accuracy in your transactions.

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Automated Invoicing

Simplify billing with Automated Invoicing. Generate invoices effortlessly, saving time and ensuring accuracy in your financial transactions.

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Elevate Your Brokerage with Truck Mind Services. Experience efficiency and convenience in every aspect of your brokerage operations.

  • Free Real-Time Load Tracking
  • Create Load Auction
  • Bid Management System
  • Automated Load & Rate Confirmation
  • Digital Rate Acceptance
  • Email Sync Load Creation
  • Seamless Integration with FourKites and MacroPoint
  • Document Handling

Truck Mind's timeline

November, 2017

Truck Mind development started

January, 2023

Lanes auction and bid system introduced for brokerage and carrier companies.

February, 2023

Integration with Telegram bot for receiving BOL from drivers.

March, 2023

Load auction and bid system expanded for carriers, along with the implementation of an automated invoice system.

June, 2023

Universal Email Read System introduced to automate load creation from awarded emails for broker and carrier companies.

July, 2023

A redesigned Automatic Rate Confirmation system with guest tracking QR Codes is implemented.

September, 2023

A new website front design is launched, along with the release of Android and iOS mobile applications.

November, 2023

Introduction of Truck Mind AI to assist drivers in following pickup and delivery steps for freight loads through a chatbot AI.

what people say about us


TruckMind.com has truly transformed the way we run our freight business at Harjas Freight Inc. Their platform is nothing short of a logistical marvel. It's like having an extra set of hands that never tire. Load management has never been easier, and the real-time tracking is like a GPS on steroids. TruckMind.com has my highest recommendation.

Brokerage Company

If you're in the trucking game, TruckMind.com is your secret weapon. At Jap Express Inc, we've witnessed a revolution in our operations. This platform is our right-hand tool for load management. It's intuitive, efficient, and the automated features have made our lives so much simpler. We're not just keeping up with the competition; we're leading the pack, thanks to TruckMind.com

Carrier Company

TruckMind.com isn't just software; it's a partner in our journey at MBS Transport LLC. From load management to streamlined invoicing, this platform has been a catalyst for growth. What sets TruckMind.com apart is its Truck Mind AI – an absolute game-changer for driver support. This partnership has elevated our services to new heights. TruckMind.com is the backbone of our success.

Carrier Company